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Beatrix to Make her Mark on the Florida Rave Scene

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Organizers Gummy Milk Productions and Concrete Jungle Los Angeles bring Beatrix East for Renegade on the River

East Coast Hardcore Jungle organizers Gummy Milk Productions and Los Angeles' premiere Hardcore Jungle Crew, Concrete Jungle L.A., are uniting to bring the Los Angeles underground to a river near you. It's an East Coast vs. West Coast showdown featuring local jungle, hardcore, drum and bass, and graffiti artists. Both organizers, regularly put together successful genre bending hardcore jungle parties in their hoods and look forward to curating a unique experience combining their styles.

The Florida rave scene is home to crews Torque, A Night of Drum and Bass, Beatcamp, Gainesville Drum and Bass, Liquid Lotus, and more.

Rave fl appeared in the late 1980s in warehouse parties and in underground locations and also a few pirate radio broadcasts. As this movement was growing in the late 1980s, first rave parties appeared in US cities e.g. San Francisco and Chicago. By the late 1990s, rave parties existed in most cities. Generally at rave events you can expect to find dance and laughter alongside food, drink, bright and exciting fashion trends, and electronic beats with heavy bass lines. Ravers seek unique venues, bumping sound systems, and djs that keep the vibes high.

Sanford, FL is the new Home of Renegade on the River

Oasis on the River is a sports bar and grill featuring an indoor bar area, traditional restaurant setting, outdoor patio, swimming pool, and state of the art sound, stage, and lights. Oasis on the River is home to many events featuring live music. You can expect to sit, dance, and be merry with friends. Nearly surrounded by biker bars, Oasis stands out as a home for club goers in the area. The venue attracts club goers from all over Orlando, Tampa, and Miami with its unique event calendar. The Oasis serves has a hub for good food, good times, life, and live music.

The Renegade on the River DJ Lineup and Community Partners will make Rave Fl proud.

Headlining artists include Concrete Jungle Los Angeles Founder Dier Times and locally infamous Drum and Bass Producer SST. SST aka Stereo Stormtrooper is an electronic music producer based in Orlando, FL. He is widely known for his drum & bass production but has had several breakbeat, dubstep, and downtempo releases as well. SST's set will feature tracks from his newest EP, Together We Fall, just released on Boomslang Recordings. Dier Times is a hardcore jungle renegade pioneer in Los Angeles and is known for finding unique locations that allow for the merging of rave and graffiti culture. He intends to make his mark on the Florida rave scene by bringing the Concrete Jungle Los Angeles energy and experience to it. Junglists and graffiti writers from Miami, Tampa, and Orlando are all welcome to join the creative energy of the renegade.

The event will also be the first event featuring multiple Siren Project members Digital Dot, Beatrix, and DJ Tally G. The Siren Project is an all female collective raising money for various charities through livestreams. Digital Dot is the Founder of Gummy Milk Productions and spins hardcore, drum and bass, and jungle. The lineup features something for everyone whether you are a hardcore junglist or candy raver. Enjoy Scope Elementz from NYC, Bassonomics, Souldefunk, and Fuzzed Up, all djs bringing their unique style to the show.

Visit the website for more details. Subscribe to her mailing list.

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